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Neptune in Libra

Idealistic in love

Kelli Fox

You're idealistic about love affairs, and you want to be in a harmonious partnership with someone. To that end, you'll do just about anything to make it happen when you're in love: You'll willingly defer to your sweetie, letting them take center stage in the relationship in terms of making all the decisions for both of you and getting their needs met. But in the process, your needs stand a good chance of being overlooked.

You can be very self-sacrificing in a love affair, because you may not realize that it's just not necessary. The best romances are mutually supportive, not weighted toward one person or the other. It's even okay to rock the boat from time to time, especially if the bond between you and your sweetie has grown stagnant -- a good argument can really breathe life into things! But arguments and other forms of conflict make you nervous. In your heart of hearts, your relationship ideal is one in which there is never any disagreement, always harmony, and that's just not possible in the real world. No two people are similar enough to get along all the time. Your lesson in relationships is to get more comfortable with conflict and even loneliness.

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