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Neptune in Leo

Dreams of romance

Kelli Fox

Your imagination runs strong and vivid through your whole life. You dream about romance and you can very nearly feel the sensuous thrills, see the warm colors and hear the soft music that your mind creates. You have a real sense of drama, and this serves both your creative side and your love life -- as long as you take care not to idolize or idealize your lover too much.

Your passions run strong, though, so it's easy for you to turn your adoration into something pulsing and strong. You put your lover up on a pedestal, believing in the power of love and romance -- but what happens when these things fail you? Will you let yourself be swamped with disillusionment? Because while your fantasies run hot and strong, they deflate as soon as something dims their brilliance. If you're in love only with the glamour of romance, that can't last forever. This placement is a challenge to you to ground yourself a bit more in your dreams and expectations surrounding love, and this is a challenge you're definitely strong enough to take on. Because even while you're easily deflated when faced with an uncomfortable truth, you'll also stand up courageously for your ideals in love.

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