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Neptune in Capricorn

A practical ideal: security in love

Kelli Fox

Your highest, most idealistic dream in love is one that's actually quite practical: You hope for security and stability with your lover, and you work hard to achieve that blissful state of being. This is a bit of an unromantic stance, to be sure; you may not be much of the hearts-and-flowers type. But for you, stability is even more romantic than those trappings that, when all's said and done, don't mean a whole lot.

You're much more of a sucker for a love affair that's grounded in reality, and one that promises to get better with time. You're interested in both financial and emotional security with a lover, so you need to seek out partners who take hard work as seriously as you do. A lover who didn't hold a steady job would probably make you a little too nervous to stick with the relationship for long -- or, if you did stick with it out of some sense of commitment, you'd be a bit of a nervous wreck the whole time. Control can be an issue for you; you don't like anything left up to chance. And matters of the heart can't always be tapped down nice and neat. But all in all, this influence is a solid one that will help to solidify your love life, now and in the future.

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