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Neptune in Aquarius

Striving for love and freedom

Kelli Fox

You're idealistic about love in a highly progressive way, which is to say that you're open to just about anything -- any innovation that makes sense and that can actually improve the way you love another person or experience their love for you. While you may still be subject to the usual human limitations in love -- jealousy, loneliness, fear of intimacy or commitment and so on -- you also have a deep-rooted interest in and optimism regarding the true power and possibilities of love. In the best of circumstances, you can transcend your inner fears or other emotional entanglements and love someone strong and true, but also in a way that encourages your freedom and independence as well as theirs.

These are the ideals you look up to in love: finding a way to enjoy an intimate, romantic relationship that doesn't hold you or your partner back in any way from life. Love and freedom don't have to be mutually exclusive, after all, and down in your heart of hearts, you know this, and you thrive on this knowledge.

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