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Neptune conjunct North Node

Real love lies ahead

Kelli Fox

You're an idealist -- and following your ideals is the only way you can move forward into your future and your destiny, even if doing so gets you into trouble from time to time. Take love, for example. Love affairs are wonderful for promoting personal growth and for learning to understand yourself better while you're getting to know your partner.

But being too idealistic about love can actually act as a blinder, keeping you from knowing yourself or your lover very thoroughly. Instead of seeing the truth of the other person, yourself or your bond, you see what you want to see. And in the end, you become disillusioned when the truth comes out, as it inevitably does. But to some extent, you have to follow your intuitions in love, even if they sometimes steer you in the wrong direction. Since it can be so hard for you to distinguish what's a truthful instinct and what's a misleading one, you just have to pursue them all. With time and experience, things will become clearer, including your path toward real, lasting love -- the kind that won't disappoint you once you figure out what's really going on. And that is possible; you just have to trust that it will happen.

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