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Mercury trine Uranus

Pioneer in love

Kelli Fox

Pay attention to your intuitions when getting to know someone new, because your unusual powers of insight will help you figure out whether that special someone is really all that special after all. That intuition is just one part of a unique mind, one that wows all your admirers. You really don't think about life or view the world in the same way that other people do; you go about things in your own way, and you like it like that.

Anyone you fall in love with is going to be at least somewhat independent and freethinking themselves, because you can't stand spending too much time with a stick in the mud who can't break out of the bounds of what society has dictated as being 'normal' or 'acceptable.' For that reason, your love life will probably take some odd and interesting twists and turns before settling into any kind of groove, and once you do settle down, it will certainly be on your own terms. A great date for you won't just stop at cocktails, dinner and light getting-to-know-you chitchat; even if it's in conversation only, you'll roam far and wide with your potential sweetie, touching on strange and wonderful subjects that excite you both and make you look forward to more.

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