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Mercury trine South Node

Find a forward-thinking lover

Kelli Fox

You like to be comfortable with a lover, but not so much so that you stagnate in your own life. Easy communication and a natural sense of familiarity are good things in an affair; complacency is not, and you know that. You seek out lovers with whom you can talk about your life, your past and your goals for the future.

You match up best with people who have already been places that you want to go, because they have so much to offer you in terms of advice and personal experience. A lover who can help you make solid plans for your future is a real keeper! Or, they may not be; people pass in and out of your life sometimes for a specific time and purpose. If you've ever been romantically involved with someone who helped you achieve a certain goal and then seemed to melt out of your life, you'll understand this phenomenon. Your most important, beneficial romantic relationships will be the ones that help you get where you're trying to go. A lover who can brainstorm ideas with you or introduce you to VIPs who will help you further your career will gain an important place in your heart; a lover who isn't as forward-thinking as you are, on the other hand, won't last long.

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