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Mercury trine Pluto

Processing subtext

Kelli Fox

Your natural grasp of human psychology really helps in your romantic relationships, because usually, you know just where your sweetie is coming from -- no matter what they're telling you, or how distanced they might be from their own feelings or motivations. Even during an argument, you're able to keep a clear and intuitive grasp on what's really going on. You know that what's going on on the surface isn't necessarily the whole story; there's a whole world of emotion underneath that bears exploring.

When you get deeply involved with someone special, they'll really appreciate this quality of yours, even if at times it overwhelms them. They might have the feeling that they can't keep anything hidden from you! On the other hand, they'll feel truly understood, thoroughly known -- sometimes uncomfortably, but usually refreshingly so. You also speak as powerfully as your mind works, so you're able to present your case well when the occasion demands it. You have a serious, sharp mind that serves you well in most areas of your life -- your work, your studies, your relationships, and your knowledge of yourself and your own mind.

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