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Mercury trine North Node

A brainstorming partner

Kelli Fox

Your goals in life are so intrinsic to who you are, you rarely even have to think about them. You know where you're headed, and there's a good chance you always have. Your vision of your own future is well-defined and innate.

For that reason, you should put some conscious thought into the romantic relationships you get involved in. Since your future path is so clear to you, you may not realize it right away if you get off course. Sometimes, romance has a way of doing that -- derailing all your goals and plans. But this isn't terribly likely to happen to you; again, you're pointed toward your future without having to focus too hard on the horizon. But putting some conscious thought into your love life is still a good idea, because your best relationships will be with people who help you get where you're trying to go. This can be in an overt way, such as introducing you to your future boss or taking you on a trip to a place you've always wanted to go; or it could be in a more passive but equally important way, like taking the time to discuss your dreams with you and to help you brainstorm ideas for your future. This is the kind of relationship you should consciously choose for yourself.

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