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Mercury trine Mars


Kelli Fox

You're not one to let a lover walk all over you. You do have a sense of tact, and of the importance of each person having their say. But you also know how to speak up and stand your ground when you need to.

A mental connection with your sweetie is practically a requirement for you in the game of love; you have to feel heard and understood by that special someone, or the bloom of romance just won't seem as sweet. In an argument, you won't come across as abrasive or aggressive unless you mean to. After all, aggression has its time and place; but you're more likely to use your crafty intelligence to talk your opponent -- oops, that is, your lover! -- into a corner. You know that words can be the most powerful weapon there is, and you've honed yours to perfection. You also know how to use those words to great effect in tender moments: telling your sweetie just how you feel about them, and how they make you feel; murmuring sweet somethings in their ear as you let them know just how much they mean to you. Remember to put as much energy in the sweeter side of communication as you do into your debates and posing your opinions to the world.

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