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Mercury trine Jupiter

Open-minded and a seeking heart

Kelli Fox

Your friends and lovers admire you for your constantly active mind, your wide-open eyes and your seeking heart. You're alert in the world; you're alive and optimistic, and you're not closed off to new ideas, experiences or people. And you're a natural-born communicator, which makes you a really fun first date -- you'll carry the conversation by bringing up movies and current events, asking your date questions about themselves and really listening to the answers, and making them laugh and have a great time.

While you're proud of your intellect and your education (whether it's formal or self-guided), you're not one to talk down to other people. While someone else out on an awkward first date might decide their date was just a dud conversationally or intellectually, you're open-minded enough to give that special someone a chance to relax and express themselves. And you know how to coax them out of their shell, to bring out their better, more interesting ideas, to joke them into relaxation and that openness that you love in another person. Your future honey will love these qualities in you, because with you, there's rarely a dull moment!

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