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Mercury trine Juno

Building intimacy through sharing

Kelli Fox

Every couple argues from time to time, but you bring a real gift of communication to your relationships that helps you and your sweetie resolve your misunderstandings faster. You're very communicative with someone that you love; you rely on that bond, and nurture it. You probably wouldn't stay long in a relationship that wasn't founded on good communication, because you wouldn't be able to stand it!

You're not good at sitting on your feelings for long, either your positive ones or your negative ones. You want to share everything with your lover, and you want them to open up to you as well. A great first date for you will include lots and lots of conversation, and as the relationship deepens, you'll build trust by talking things out -- listening, supporting, offering advice and encouragement, and asking for all the same things from your honey. Even the more simple, passive forms of communication add to your sense of intimacy, like watching a movie together and laughing or crying at the same scenes. You like to feel mentally and emotionally on a par with your lover, and you like to feel as if they're open to talking to you about whatever, whenever.

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