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Mercury square Uranus

A restless mind

Kelli Fox

You love living on the edge, at least mentally. Anything new and intellectually stimulating draws you in, and you get restless when you're stuck in a conversation that's boring or predictable. For this reason, the usual, traditional get-to-know-you chitchat that goes on during the first few dates with someone new can actually spell the end of the relationship before it even gets off the ground, because you don't have a lot of patience for anything -- or anyone -- that's predictable.

While it's fine for you to make your choices in love, which may include holding out for someone who really wows you on a mental level, you also have a tendency to be overly judgmental of people whom you think are less mentally free and unique than you are. After all, first dates are nerve-racking experiences, and your date may not be at their intellectual or conversational best. But because you so enjoy unpredictable conversations, you might push someone into an argument just to poke at them, to see what they'll say or how they'll react. You can be very sarcastic when the mood strikes, which isn't fun for the person on the receiving end. Learning to tone it down may really serve your dating life.

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