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Mercury square South Node

Learn to speak your mind

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time expressing yourself in relationships. You feel a strange, deeply-rooted sense of nervousness about being honest with your lover about who you are and what you're all about, and especially in expressing your needs and desires. You may know what kind of relationship you want to or should be involved in, but you have a hard time making it happen, because stating your needs is such an issue for you.

You may get involved again and again with lovers who discourage you from speaking openly, instead of learning your lesson once and for all and moving on to a relationship in which you can be free to speak your mind. You might be acting out old patterns from your past; perhaps your parents had a relationship that you're mirroring now, one in which one of your parents intimidated the other into keeping quiet about their feelings, or in which they argued and misunderstood each other constantly. Whatever the source of your current troubles with expressing yourself, you should consciously seek out a love relationship with someone who doesn't stifle your personality or your desires. Find a partner who encourages you to be yourself.

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