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Mercury square Saturn

A little too serious-minded

Kelli Fox

You have a strong mind, even unusually so, but it can actually be a hindrance in your romantic relationships. For one thing, you tend to get lost in your ideas. You have incredible powers of focus and concentration, which means hours can go by during which you're immersed in an idea or a pursuit, and completely heedless of the passage of time!

You might be late for a date, annoying your sweetie because you didn't keep an eye on the clock; or you might just not make much time in general in your life for dating, because the projects you're pursuing are never-ending. With a mind like yours, you're especially well-suited to a career that involves deep thought and analysis, but those careers -- research, science, academia -- are the very ones that tend to take up your whole life, not leaving a lot of time or room for anything so frivolous as dating. You also might turn off a potential sweetie if you go on and on about your work, not realizing that most of it is going over their head and losing their interest. And you have a way of taking others' stories with a major grain of salt that can make your honey feel as if you're discounting their ideas and experiences.

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