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Mercury square North Node

Fighting to reach your goals

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time expressing your ideas for your own future, for how you're going to reach your goals in life. Perhaps your goals aren't clear even to you, which makes it hard to put them into words; or maybe it's that you think you've got a grasp on them, but somehow things don't seem to work out the way you plan. Perhaps you procrastinate instead of working hard toward your future, or maybe you make impulsive shifts in your plans that don't work out well.

It's likely that your approach to your goals is actually too rational and thought-out, and not organic enough. But whatever the source of the conflict might be, it can affect your love life as well as your work and your future. If you're involved in a relationship with someone who's constantly offering you advice about where you ought to be heading in life and how you should go about getting there, you'll probably get irritated with them. You'll think they just don't get it, partly because you wouldn't recognize it if they did understand your dreams. You don't like being told what to do or where to focus your energies, and it's even harder for you to take this kind of advice from a lover than it is coming from a friend or colleague.

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