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Mercury square Neptune

In love with a dream

Kelli Fox

Staying focused on reality -- the reality, that is, that's commonly accepted by the rest of the world -- can be difficult for you. You tend to be more interested in your own imaginings than in what's actually going on around you. You like to create dramas in your head and play them out in real life, with your friends, coworkers or whoever might be around as the unsuspecting star players.

In romance, this can make things both more fun and more difficult. On the one hand, romance itself is like a dream, and there's nothing wrong with playing up the fanciful factor of falling in love with some self-created dreamy romance -- especially if you invite your sweetie in on the game. But when it gets into the realm of deceiving yourself as to the actual state of your relationship or your love life, that's when the trouble begins. And sometimes, you might even decide to mislead your honey. A little sense of mystery is fine, but actual deception should definitely be avoided. The truth almost always comes out at some point, and true intimacy is about honesty, not deception -- no matter how benign you might think your little games are.

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