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Mercury square Mars

Hotheaded and abrasive

Kelli Fox

You're smart, and you know you're smart. You've got solid, strong opinions and viewpoints, ones that you think it's important for the world to know about. The problem is, you can take your opinions too far, becoming argumentative and abrasive instead of simply opinionated.

You tend to view other people's ideas as a threat to the validity of your own, and so you close yourself off to their viewpoints. You'd rather argue than be proved wrong, for one thing; and when you're pushed into a corner, you'll defend your own point of view by any means possible! This means you'll resort to tactics like verbal intimidation, ridicule, sarcasm and a host of other maneuvers that aren't terribly kind or pride-worthy. Needless to say, this can mean that your love affairs become more like a battleground than a safe haven for you and your sweetie to retreat to together. Differences of opinion are inevitable; no two people are exactly alike, and it would be dull indeed if they were. Your challenge is to learn to take your sweetie's viewpoints both calmly and seriously. Their ideas shouldn't be seen as a challenge to yours, but as an interesting counterpoint.

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