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Mercury square Jupiter

False confidence

Kelli Fox

You mean well, but your tendency to exaggerate and overstate things in an attempt to impress can spell minor disaster in the dating game. When you're out with someone new, you rarely feel comfortable enough just to relax and be yourself. Of course, no one's comfortable on a first date; by their very nature, first dates are awkward and weird, and both people usually end up feeling nervous and more than a little lackluster.

But while someone else might clam up, your typical response to this is to get grandiose in your conversation. You might tell white lies about all the places you've been and the things you've seen and experienced, all in the name of impressing on this special someone that you're also someone special, someone who deserves their notice. But what's wrong with just being yourself? Your potential sweetie would probably be a lot more impressed with honesty than with grandiosity. Another little trap you may tend to fall into in your love life is being overconfident about what you have to offer in a relationship. Make sure you don't make promises that you can't keep, purely out of a yearning to be everything your lover wants you to be.

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