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Mercury sextile Venus

Naturally balanced

Kelli Fox

You're a natural at diplomacy, and in a romantic relationship, that's a real gift. You probably shy away from relationships with overly aggressive types; brash displays of temper offend you, as do qualities like selfishness and irrationality. You prefer things to be in balance -- which isn't always possible.

People are imperfect beings; we lose our tempers, we flail around, trying to impress and intimidate with our loud, reckless displays. But if anyone comes close to being in balance most of the time, it's you. And you're attracted to people who are similar to you; who appreciate art and beauty and refinement as much as you do. A great date for you might be visiting an art gallery or a museum, or going for a walk around the river on a gorgeous day in spring. Anything that's beautiful and that sparks conversation or the free flow of creative thought compels you, and the same goes for romantic partners. You want someone both sweet and inspiring; someone sophisticated and eloquent. You want to be wooed with poetry and flowers. And in return, you'll bring your own romantic nature to the relationship, and your gift at creative negotiation when times get tough.

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