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Mercury sextile Uranus

On your own terms

Kelli Fox

The routine of dating -- first date, getting to know each other over cocktails and chitchat; second and third dates, taking the conversation a bit deeper, and sharing the first kiss, or more -- and the traditional progression from dating to commitment to marriage to children to a mortgage and debt and children and 401(k)s and commuting to work and... The point is, if you got fidgety during that sentence, it's because routine and tradition in romance aren't for you! You don't want to do things the tried-and-true way, the way your parents, friends and the common wisdom dictate that you should.

You're a much more original thinker than that, and you like to follow your own path in love as well as in life. If you do end up going the dating-marriage-2.3 kids route, you can be sure that it'll happen not by default, but because you want it to; on your own terms and your own timeline. You're attracted to lovers who can step outside the bounds of what's 'normal' with you, instead of fearing the unknown and the potentially unacceptable. For this reason, you're the master of your own love life. However love happens for you, it will be a personal, unique and satisfying experience.

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