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Mercury sextile South Node

The intimate sharing of knowledge

Kelli Fox

You've got a healthy grasp of your own past, which gives you a good foundation on which to build your future. You're able to talk openly and freely with a lover about your childhood and how it has affected you today, and you're open to their input on ways that you can try to make changes within yourself for the better. Open conversation is something of a prerequisite of yours when it comes to love and relationships; if you feel like it's not easy to open up to your potential sweetie, or if they won't open up to you, the relationship won't go far.

This is because you recognize the importance of conversation, of the intimate sharing of information about yourself and your life with another human being, as a huge factor in growth and personal progress. You're willing to lend your sweetie an ear as long as they'll lend you theirs. You also like to be involved with a lover who matches up well with you on an educational or intellectual level, because you like to feel certain that you and your sweetie can understand each other. If the mental gap is too wide, neither one of you will feel fulfilled, and that's just a situation you're better off avoiding.

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