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Mercury sextile Saturn

Learning from your mistakes

Kelli Fox

Whatever your dating experiences have been or will be, you'll learn from them. You take a rather serious view of life, and a sober approach to it -- not in a stick-in-the-mud kind of way, just in a steady, considered way. You're a practical thinker, which means that you don't like to make the same mistake too many times before learning your lesson.

If you've had a love affair that went wrong, you may regret it or you may not; but either way, you learned the lessons implicit in the experience, and odds are, you won't repeat the same mistakes again. In love, you're attracted to people who are as serious-minded as you are. Frivolous banter over cocktails can be fun, but it can also put you on edge, making you wonder what's beneath your date's glittery surface. You might think they're hiding something if they come across as too glib or polished -- and who knows? You may be right. On the other hand, finding a mate who's more of a smooth-talking, socially graceful type could be a nice counterbalance to your more sober, pragmatic personality. And you, in turn, have that sharp mind and great powers of concentration as gifts to add to the mix.

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