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Mercury sextile North Node

Getting your lover's input

Kelli Fox

Mentally and emotionally, you have everything you need to move forward into your future and create the life you've always dreamed of, and for that reason alone, you should take special care to get involved only in relationships that support that vision, and your movements toward attaining it. Sometimes people get involved in romances that thwart their ideas of how to attain their goals, and while it's not likely that you'd do that, you should still make a conscious effort to avoid it. On the other hand, you tend to have very good judgment, so there's not much of a worry that you'd stay for long in a relationship that was diverting you from your dreams.

You're much more likely to fall in love with someone who loves to talk with you at length about your plans for the future, and who is smart and tuned in enough to add their own good ideas to the mix. In fact, the more important love relationships of your life will almost certainly involve sharing ideas and plans with your sweetie as well as being open to the opportunities that they bring your way. If you're savvy, which you are, your love life will be yet another avenue toward realizing your dreams.

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