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Mercury sextile Neptune

The art of affection

Kelli Fox

When it comes to love, you're a real starry-eyed romantic. You develop an intuitive connection with your sweetie and you're incredibly imaginative when it comes to romancing them. You're the type to leave little love notes for them to find in unexpected places; to plan out an utterly romantic date, surprising them with a picnic, flowers, a sensual massage, a declaration of love...

You're very creative about the art of affection, and communicating that affection to someone special. You may have spent a lot of time daydreaming about the love you'll find someday, what it will be like and how it will make you feel. When you're getting involved with someone new, pay attention to your nighttime dreams as well; your dream life tends to have a lot to tell you about your waking life, if you'll just pay attention and read the signs. You might fall in love with someone very complex and hard to read on the surface, because complexity doesn't scare you or turn you off. You enjoy the challenge of looking past someone's surface into their soul, to see who's in there and what they're all about, and you put the people you love up on a pedestal.

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