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Mercury sextile Mars

A persuasive mind

Kelli Fox

Your love affairs probably begin and end in conversation. You've got a really sharp mind, and the tongue to match; you love a good debate with someone as intelligent as you are, who can serve it up as good as they get it from you. On the other hand, you do have a sense of tact, and of boundaries.

When you're out on a date with someone new, you're probably not going to call them out on all the inconsistencies in their logic or other mental flaws. You'll save that for at least the third or fourth date, when you've already reeled them in with your sharp intelligence! For you, a mental connection with a lover is a requirement; without good conversation and the occasional debate, you'd grow bored really quickly. And you know how to use your own intelligence and communicative powers to get what you want with that special someone. You're very persuasive, and your admirers find themselves drawn into your influence almost without meaning to be! When you're in love, you can be a very important influence in your sweetie's life. You encourage and motivate your loved ones to live as large and as brightly as possible.

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