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Mercury sextile Jupiter

A good dinner date

Kelli Fox

Communication is one of your greatest strengths. You know how to talk to strangers as well as the people you know and love best, which makes those awkward first dates at least a little less tense! A mental connection with a potential sweetie is something of a prerequisite of yours when it comes to romance, but you're not one to talk down to someone or ridicule them if you think they're not as smart or well-informed as you are.

And, hey -- being as well-informed as you are is a tall order! You're highly philosophical, and you back your ideas up with learning. You're constantly pushing outward with your mind and taking in anything and everything that you can. You may be attracted to people from another culture or who speak a different language than you, because those barriers are more interesting than inhibitive to you. You have less trouble than most in communicating with someone about subjects that are completely unfamiliar to you. Your future sweetie will really appreciate this quality of yours, because you have a rare and unique ability to make another person feel not only heard, but understood.

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