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Mercury sextile Juno

A source of support

Kelli Fox

When you need to, you know how to talk things out with your lover. Though you and your sweetie will misunderstand each other as much as the next couple, you generally won't let things go too far. You're not one to stew, and you won't let your honey sit on their anger for long either.

You know how to get past their defenses and get things out in the open. Too often, perfectly good relationships go down the tubes because the people involved fail to communicate well, but that's not likely to happen to you. If it does, it's likely to be more on the part of your lover than on yours, because you know when it's time to stop acting childish and start resolving things. This gift also comes into play in other areas of your relationship besides arguments; you're a great listener, for one thing, and can really be a wonderful source of support and advice for your sweetie. Any issue they might have in their life, they know they can bring it to you and find a ready ear, a strong shoulder and an open heart. In fact, one way you'll know you've found a keeper is when you go out with someone new and end up talking the night away, discussing everything that comes into both your minds!

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