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Mercury opposite South Node

The new, forward-focused you

Kelli Fox

You've been through enough crushes and relationships to know what you're looking for in love this time around, and you're finally comfortable with stating your needs in a direct way. You're not afraid to express yourself, and you don't have any patience for a lover who would try to silence you or stifle your self-expression. Furthermore, you don't want to make the same old mistakes in love anymore; you don't even want to repeat old patterns of behavior that were fine for who you used to be but would be outmoded now.

Now, you're all about the future! A big part of the future you envision for yourself involves learning. Whether it's a formal education you're after or a self-led journey of learning and personal growth, you need a lover who can accompany you along that path and encourage your progress. This is going to take a lot of understanding and acceptance on their part, and you're prepared to wait for the right person to come along who can offer you those things. You may be attracted to someone who's older than you, or who has already done some of the things you'd like to do, so that they can offer you the wisdom they've gained on their own path through life.

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