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Mercury opposite Saturn

A gloomy outlook

Kelli Fox

You may have a kind of Gloomy Gus approach to love. You're serious about life anyway, and when it comes to love, you lean toward the critical, pessimistic side rather than the fanciful, hopeful, optimistic one. If you've been in an intensely intimate relationship that failed, that experience will only increase the likelihood that you'll look skeptically at romance.

After all, love makes you nervous; when things are going well, all you can think about is when they're going to go bad. And you've never really been one for small talk or chitchat. On dates, you either try to get into a serious conversation, which can be intimidating to someone who doesn't know you well yet, or you stay silent, not seeing any reason to speak if you have nothing nice to say. You may not realize that you're coming across as majorly aloof and not very warm at all; but when your date doesn't call you back for a second go-round, you'll chalk it up under the column headed, 'Told ya so.' You tend to think you've got life all figured out, but it's more likely that your cynical, pessimistic outlook is coloring all your perceptions. It's hard to find love when you don't believe it's truly possible.

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