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Mercury opposite North Node

Repeating the same patterns

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time moving comfortably toward your future, because you tend to resist change. You may think your life is good enough as it is, and perhaps it is; you're reasonably content, after all, so why change things if they ain't broke? But that attitude ignores the fact that life is about growth.

You should always strive to move forward and learn new lessons as they come. But instead, you tend to hang back and repeat old patterns instead of breaking out into something new. For example, you might not challenge yourself to learn or grow through your dating experiences. Perhaps you go out with similar types of people again and again, interacting with them in the ways that you're most comfortable with, instead of branching out to someone new, different and interesting. You may act like a know-it-all when you're out on a date instead of being quiet and listening to what this new and special person has to say. In some way, you've closed yourself off to new experiences. Is it because you're afraid of what change will bring? Remember that change is inevitable; in a crazy way, it's the only constant in life!

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