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Mercury opposite Neptune

Fantasy lover

Kelli Fox

You're a true idealist in love. While idealism in itself isn't a bad thing -- it's good to know the heights to which you aspire in terms of intimacy with another person, how you want to treat them and to be treated -- it can lead to a highly unrealistic set of standards. You might reject relationship after relationship because it doesn't live up to your romantic fantasy of what love is supposed to be like, even though real life and real love aren't like the movies.

In a real-life love affair, there are problems and obstacles, and days when you and your lover are both just acting silly. But in your fantasy world, there's no room for silliness and bad behavior, so when those happen in real life, you can feel utterly disappointed. It's not fair to hold someone else to unreasonable standards that exist only in your mind. You project all kinds of greatness onto your lovers, who, in the end, are only human; and you're disappointed in them when they fail to live up to your expectations. But could anyone live up to them? Only someone who existed solely in your dreams, or your imagination. When you learn to blend reality with your dreams, you'll develop a more holistic view of love and relationships.

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