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Mercury opposite Juno

Learning to communicate

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time listening to your lover, especially during an argument. It becomes much more important for you to get out whatever it is that you're trying to say (or yell), and as a result, listening to your honey's side of things just flies out the window. You tend to get very irrational during arguments with people you love, because of a deep-rooted, overwhelming fear of not being heard or understood.

But the ironic thing is, you end up failing to hear and understand your lover, because you're so busy trying to get your own point across. You may even have trouble getting your message out because your tongue gets all tied up when you're worked up; you have a hard time expressing your thoughts and feelings, and your frustration only makes it worse. As a result, you may go through relationships that you wish could be more intimate, but you don't know how to verbalize your needs and communicate them to your partner. And since you're not great at hearing their needs and responding to them, the relationship may be doomed unless you can learn how to listen as well as how to express yourself.

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