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Mercury in Virgo

Sharp as a paring knife

Kelli Fox

Your mind is as sharp and practical as a paring knife, and just as good at slicing away the layers with precision to get to the heart of the matter. You have little patience for people who think less precisely than you do, which can be a problem in relationships. In an argument with your sweetie, for example, you see everything -- the details of your side of things and theirs and the most practical and efficient route to a resolution.

Understandably, your attitude is that your sweetie should just listen to you, because you know what you're talking about. And it's true: You don't miss much. But in a heated discussion with your honey, logic may not be as important as emotion. In acting as if your practical, detailed view of things is the most important viewpoint in the equation, you're invalidating your sweetie's feelings, which will only perpetuate the problem in the long run. Try to accept that not everyone thinks the way that you do; not everyone has a mind like a steel trap! And in arguments with your lover, keep it to the present. You're great at remembering every little thing they said in past arguments, but they might not like having their words used against them in this way.

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