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Mercury in Taurus

A realistic point of view

Kelli Fox

You're a practical thinker, more attuned to common sense than flights of fancy. Your down-to-earth nature also influences your decision-making, and in love, that may mean you're more realistic than romantic. Your sweetie might declare their undying devotion to you, but you'll still want to know how they plan to make a living before you're willing to pledge your own devotion in return.

Money is a primary concern of yours. It's not so much that you want to have it simply to have it, but more that you're concerned with security, and financial security is right at the top of your list. You don't like to have to worry about where your next bag of groceries is going to come from, so your best life partner will be someone who has a steady, reliable income -- and who won't take advantage of your hardworking nature. You're also attracted to people who think as patiently and practically as you do. People who run off at the mouth, their ideas zinging around and bouncing off each other in a mad mess of vivid chaos, just give you a headache! You'd gladly trade in a bit of excitement for intellectual stability and reliability. You like a lover who can focus on the topic at hand, the way you do.

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