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Mercury in Scorpio

An emotional communicator

Kelli Fox

You're an intuitive thinker and communicator, often relying much more on your instincts than on any surface impressions -- such as what's actually being said out loud -- to determine what's going on in any given situation. You can also be quite secretive, which sometimes creates an imbalance in your love relationships. You want your sweetie to divulge all their secrets, to lay their soul bare to you, to let you plunder the depths of their feelings and their psyche, their distant past, their fondest hopes and greatest fears...and at the same time, you want to guard your own feelings, hopes, fears and motivations.

This can get frustrating for your partner; why should they always bare their soul when you're so rarely willing to do the same? Furthermore, you have a variety of defenses set up for whenever your sweetie tries to get past your protective walls. You do have a temper, and if you feel threatened you're not afraid to lash out with anger, sarcasm or derision to throw your honey off the trail of the truth. The truth, of course, is that you're just like everyone else -- vulnerable, in need of an emotional connection that you can count on.

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