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Mercury in Sagittarius

A big-picture view

Kelli Fox

You're honest, direct and generally fair-minded -- which means that while your intentions are good, you can sometimes hurt your sweetie's feelings without meaning to. Your dedication to the truth, after all, can translate to being a bit tactless. Your honey probably doesn't need to know that no, that outfit isn't the most flattering one they own; they just need to know that you love them no matter what they're wearing!

You also could get into arguments with your sweetie that mystify you: They'll be upset that you don't understand them, and you'll be confused, because you thought you understood them very well. If this happens repeatedly, take it as a sign that you're not seeing the whole picture that they're trying to show you, because you do have a tendency to skip over details in favor of the big picture. You're often most interested in the principle of the thing, and that can apply to your lover. You know they're an intelligent person, a strong and sweet person, and that's enough for you. But if they start to get annoyed with you for failing to look deeper into the nuances of their character, perhaps it's time to take a more considered look.

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