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Mercury in Pisces

An emotional thinker

Kelli Fox

You're highly intuitive, and when things are off with your sweetie, you know it -- you can just feel it, down in your bones, even if things appear normal on the surface. But that same intuitive perception can lead to difficulty in intense discussions or arguments with your sweetie, because you're a very emotional thinker. Your perceptions of what's really going on are highly colored by your feelings in the moment, and adding to that, you have a hard time with conflict.

You're rather idealistic in the way that you look at love and relationships; you just wish you and your honey could live in a sweetly romantic fantasy land, where arguments never happen. But that's not possible, of course, and discussions between you can devolve quickly into chaotic messes that seem to cut at your very soul. Everything your lover says gets blown up in your imagination into something bigger, scarier and completely different from what they actually said. For this reason, you need a lover whom you can trust, who is able to explain things to you in a firm but gentle way that can bring you back down to earth. If you pick a person as emotional as you are, things could get really confusing for both of you, and fast.

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