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Mercury in Libra

Making nice

Kelli Fox

You're very tactful in the way that you speak and deal with other people. In an argument with your sweetie, in fact, you operate so subtly and diplomatically that they might not even realize you're arguing! You have real skill when it comes to making other people feel heard and understood, and for this reason, you're wonderful at heading off major crises in your relationship.

But sometimes, this happens at a price. You want everyone to get along so much that you're often willing to overlook or deny your own needs or opinion in favor of harmony with your honey. But you've got to draw the line somewhere, don't you? When truly important issues come up in your relationship, make sure that you speak your mind openly and firmly. After all, you're graceful enough to soften the blow, and some issues are too important to back down on. This may be a difficult lesson for you -- learning to speak your mind, even when you know your sweetie isn't going to like what you have to say, and isn't going to respond well at all -- but it's an important lesson, one that will serve you in all your relationships, not just your romantic one.

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