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Mercury in Leo

Warm and appealing

Kelli Fox

You're opinionated, that much is for sure, and you're not afraid to make your opinions known. That means that sometimes in conversation, you may walk the line between confidence and arrogance -- but in general, the confidence will win out in terms of attracting admirers. You speak in a warm, appealing tones that draw people to you, because they want to hear your thoughts and bask in your glow.

People are also drawn to you for the strength and creativity of your mind, and you bring that creativity to a love affair in planning extra-special dates or dreaming up the perfect gift to make your honey feel like royalty. You're outgoing in social situations; you love talking to all kinds of different people, and at any given dinner party or other gathering, you'll likely be found at the center of a group of people, all eyes and smiles trained on you. You're especially good at reading the 'big picture' and not getting caught up in the unimportant details, which can be a big help in a love affair -- especially during an argument or a difficult talk. You can zero in on the real issue at hand, and you can reach out with warmth and sincerity to bridge the gap between you and your sweetie.

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