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Mercury in Gemini

Thoughts as fast as lightning

Kelli Fox

Your mind moves fast. Your impressions and decisions come lightning-quick, often leaving others in the dust. You're a thinker and a talker, perhaps more than a doer (or a feeler).

But words, ideas, philosophies -- they're all just so interesting! And emotions can get so, well, illogical, and messy. You don't like to be dragged down by heavy emotion; when it happens, you'll analyze and explore the feeling, ultimately intellectualizing it. In love, you want a relationship that lets you explore all your mental wanderings. You're incredibly logical and perceptive, but rarely does your mind stay on one subject for long. Your best date, in fact, will be one where you and your sweetie stay up half the night, riffing together on whatever comes into your minds, no matter how strange or far-reaching it might be. You'd never insist that the conversation take a linear pathway; you're attracted to people who can follow your train of thought wherever it might go. Your tendency, though, is toward intellectualism, and away from emotion. You're mentally curious and restless, and might quickly grow bored with someone who's less intelligent or talkative than you are.

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