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Mercury in Capricorn

Logic doesn't apply

Kelli Fox

You're a careful, methodical thinker, which serves you well at school or in your job but may get in the way of comfortable and effective communication with your sweetie. After all, when you're having an emotional conversation with them about feelings and other abstractions, they probably don't want to hear your careful, dry, analytical view of what's really going on! And not everything can be reduced to logic and reason.

Some things are purely emotional, a concept that can mystify you. You really don't have much patience for emotional displays, as a matter of fact -- but if you roll your eyes at your lover when they're getting all worked up, what do you think is going to happen? That's right -- they'll get even more worked up, until they're like one big emotional volcano that's ready to explode! And the truth is, they're not wrong. Emotional perception and communication are just as important and valid as the more analytical, logical kind, even if you're far more comfortable with the latter. In fact, you would do well to try to be more comfortable with the feeling side of life. Learn to be more open about your own, and try to take your honey's seriously.

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