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Mercury in Cancer

A tangled web of emotions

Kelli Fox

You often find it hard to be objective, because your thoughts and ideas are so closely linked to your emotions. You have a difficult time separating logic from emotion, and that can make things especially hard when objectivity is key, such as in an argument with your sweetie. You might lose all perspective in those moments as you get swamped in a tide of your own feeling -- and this tendency within you could earn you the reputation of being rather moody, sensitive or overly emotional.

But it's just that you feel things so deeply -- and this is one of your strengths, as much as it can cloud communication with your honey. For one thing, you're able to tune in psychically to your sweetie, and intuit their needs without their having to put them into words. In fact, you often have a much clearer perspective on the moods and desires of your lover than you have on your own, because you just tap so readily into that emotional vein. This makes you quite a sensitive lover -- and this time, sensitive in the best way! You're able to nurture and soothe your sweetie at a deep level, with true emotional intimacy.

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