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Mercury in Aquarius

A scientific outlook

Kelli Fox

You have a great facility with words and ideas, and you're always thinking ahead -- ahead of your time as well as the current conversation. You're always full of progressive ideas and solutions and you're generally a great judge of character, because you pick up on cues other people just miss. Your world view is inventive, optimistic and holistic.

At times, though, you can take an overly detached view of things, and that's where you can get into trouble in an intimate relationship -- especially during a heated, emotional discussion with your sweetie. They're talking about their feelings, and you're looking at the situation as if from the outside, trying to apply the scientific method to determine what's going on and why. But logic and reason simply don't apply to emotion, and it may be that deep down, intense emotional displays -- both of anger and of love -- scare you. But when you're intimately involved with someone, a certain amount of emotional openness and intensity is both expected and required. It may take you some time to get comfortable baring your soul to your sweetie, instead of just baring your mind.

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