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Mercury conjunct Venus

Natural charm

Kelli Fox

Your ideal date probably includes excellent food and drink, luxurious surroundings and wonderful, flowing conversation with someone very special and attractive. You're attuned to the beautiful side of life -- the harmonious, the grand, the enchanting. You know how to charm your admirers naturally, just by being yourself.

You can carry almost any conversation, even an awkward one with someone who's a lot more inhibited than you are; in fact, you're great at drawing people out of their shell. For all these reasons, you're a natural when it comes to hosting dinner or cocktail parties, gallery events, weddings -- anything that's designed to bring people together, to get them talking and eating and drinking and generally making merry. You probably have a lot of admirers, because your charms are so immediately apparent; maybe your only issue in the game of love is there are too many contestants to choose from! For you, the ideal partner is someone who appreciates beauty and art as much as you do, and who is as kind and charming as you are. You don't like confrontations, or rude, brash people. Your true love will be sweet, calm and refined.

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