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Mercury conjunct Uranus

That sharp, unusual mind of yours

Kelli Fox

You're a unique thinker, and in love, you have to find a partner who appreciates that about you. You tend to let your mind wander as it will, riffing off on whatever wild, wonderful idea has currently taken hold. It takes a similar mind to follow yours along its more unusual paths!

Conservative, cautious thinkers don't hold much appeal for you. If you're out with someone new and you bring up one of your strange ideas, and your date looks at you as if you've just sprouted another head, you probably won't bother calling them back for a second go-round. You're attracted to people who aren't scared of odd ideas and unexpected twists in the conversation; you appreciate a dinner companion who can throw a few monkey wrenches of their own into the mix! For this reason, your relationships may be a bit unstable, purely because you're attracted to oddball types who are unpredictable at best. But that's what you find exciting! And that's what you serve up as well. A great date for you will include lots and lots of conversation, laughter, even debate. A freeform mental connection with a potential sweetie is, for you, a sign of even better things to come.

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