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Mercury conjunct Pluto

Learn to accept face value

Kelli Fox

You're rarely satisfied with the surface level of things, so whether you're out on a date with someone you know well or someone you've just met, you'll probe beneath their surface, looking for the truth. You especially love mysteries and secrets, so if you catch your sweetie acting evasive or cryptic, you're like a hound on a scent -- you'll track it avidly and relentlessly, not letting it go until you've cornered your prey! For you, the prey is the truth -- not what your honey tells you is the truth, but the real, hard truth that lies within every person and situation.

Needless to say, this is both a compelling and a potentially overwhelming quality of yours, and one that could really put off your date. What if they want to keep their cards close to their chest? That's their prerogative, but you'll rarely let them do it for long. One thing you'll have to learn sooner or later, though, is the fact that sometimes, the surface level is the truth. Some people are open books, and digging deeply into their psyche will only reveal more of the same. Make sure you don't turn off a potential sweetie by being too relentless in your pursuit of their inner motivations.

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