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Mercury conjunct North Node

Searching for knowledge

Kelli Fox

Learning and education are priorities in your life, which means that you should seek a partner in love who can support and encourage you on your journey toward greater knowledge. Some relationships are stagnant when it comes to new experiences and information, but that's not the kind of relationship you should stick around in. You need to grow, to learn and understand, and you need a lover who will help you make that happen.

Getting involved with someone who's older or more experienced than you are is one way to make it happen; you look up to people who have the experience you crave. Another way is to find a lover whose mind is as thirsty as yours, someone who will stay up all night with you exploring an idea, or who will at least make you coffee while you stay up late studying. A mental connection with your honey is a definite requirement for love, because you're growth-oriented and you need a lover who is too. Your future sweetie will love you for your sharp, inquisitive mind, and for the way that you're constantly looking forward to new experiences and greater knowledge.

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