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Mercury conjunct Neptune

A true romantic

Kelli Fox

In love, you're one to write romantic poetry for the object of your affections, because you're better with abstract, artistic communication than you are with straightforward declarations of your feelings or your needs. And where's the fun in being straightforward? Love itself is abstract, and so is romance; and you love playing around with both, with all the creative possibilities therein.

You treat your sweetie to the real deal -- love vibes that run deep and strong. You tend to connect psychically with a lover; you'll think of them and just then they'll call, or you'll intuit their feelings before they even tell you what's on their mind. These are wonderful gifts to bring to a relationship, but make sure that you're reading the signals correctly. Even thought verbal communication isn't always your strong point, you should ask your sweetie what they're thinking or feeling instead of making assumptions. Plenty of times, your perceptions aren't clear, and you can jump to the wrong conclusion about a situation. Furthermore, you can be overly idealistic when in love, which makes you overlook details that you might otherwise have picked up on.

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