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Mercury conjunct Mars

A sharp mind and tongue

Kelli Fox

Your mind is sharp as a tack and strong as a hammer, and your mouth is well-equipped to translate all your ideas to the world! That means it might be hard for you to find a lover who can handle your style of communication. You tend to put things as strongly as you feel them, and you don't mince words.

You're opinionated, and probably more than a little bit sarcastic. For some people, this can be overwhelming; not everyone can handle the kind of energy you put out! Your dinner table conversations frequently turn into debates, even with people you don't know well -- including someone new and special that you might be dating for the very first time. But hey, when you see an inconsistency in their opinion, why shouldn't you address it, right? Just remember that if you're trying to impress someone new, you might want to tone it down. What you think of as being engaged in the conversation might come across as being aggressive and abrasive. On the other hand, when you find a lover who can serve it right back up to you -- who can call you out on your inconsistencies and challenge your viewpoints in an intelligent way -- well, that might just be a keeper.

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